TOP OVAL ORGASM/iORGASM INTENSIFIER REVIEW | ADAM AND EVE NOVELTY STORE We give you the the Top Oval iOrgasm Intensifier from Adam And Eve Novelty Store. But by using the coupon code KRISTY, you can get 50 % OFF on almost ANY single item plus FREE Discreet Shipping, 3 FREE DVDs, and a Mystery Gift. Available for a limited time only!

This orgasm intensifier is 100% silicone and you can use this in a lot of ways. To all different kinds of stimulation, v*ginal, prostate, and more. One thing to know is that it’s not powered by anything. No batteries and all. You can use this anytime.

If you’ll use the Oval iOrgasm Intensifier for an*l use while mast*rbating, you’ll get the pressure and pleasure at the same time thus living its name INTENSIFIER. It’s just like a dual stimulation for a guy.

The same thing goes for women. This could be used an*ly, while using a vibrator internally and you’ll get the dual vibrations through the walls. A pleasure you’ll never forget.

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