THE NEWEST VELVET TOUCH INCOGNITO REVIEW | ADAM & EVE VIDEO A video review of The Newest Velvet Touch Incognito has been prepared for you by Adam & Eve. Use special coupon code KRISTY and get 50 % OFF on almost ANY single item plus FREE Discreet Shipping, 3 FREE DVDs, and also a Mystery Gift. This offer is available for a short time only! Grab it while it lasts.

The Velvet Style Incognito is a rocket style vibrator that has a dial down at the bottom where you could turn up or down the intensity. You can use it internally or externally in your cl*t depending on your preference. Don’t be surprised if it got so much power on it.

It is absolutely waterproof so you can bring this in the shower and just play with yourself. It’s all yours! Plus, it’s totally affordable and really worth your spend. It has great power and will never leave you hanging.

With it’s great effects, this toy comes in a very cheap price. But this is not one crappy toy, that I assure you. Adam & Eve gives the highest quality adult toys to you. Get a great value product and enjoy what you’re getting.

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