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Are you having a date night tonight with a partner? Better stay at home and pick your choice of movies from the review of these three recommended gay films.

Every gay knows that when you want a guy to hook up with you, you usually invite them to watch a movie. There are three great movies that are perfect to watch with your significant other.

The first recommended film is “Short Cuts”. It’s an amazing film, there’s a lot of gay elements. It is placed in New York City, and with sex club scenes. It’s visually incredible and a great movie to check out.

The second film is “Brokeback Mountain”. It is a classic movie and there will be no other movie will be quite like this.

The third and final recommendation is the “The Kids Are All Right”. It is a lesbian film and it can be one of your favorite movie even if you’re gay so check it out. You can watch the trailer first and I tell you, it is funny as well. Very beautiful.

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