HOW TO TRAVEL WITH YOUR S*X TOYS GUIDE & REVIEW | FIRST TIME ADULT TOYS Learn how to travel with your sex toys from this video guide and review specially if it’s your first time. Get 50% OFF on almost ANY single item plus FREE Discreet Shipping, 3 FREE DVDs, and also a Mystery Gift when you use the Coupon Code FIRST50 at the checkout at Adam & Eve. This deal is only available for a short time only.

Do not limit the use of your adult toys just at home. You can absolutely bring it wherever you go.

S*x toys are fun and pleasure toys. And they come in different sizes. There are large ones and small ones, with and without battery, with remote, and so on, so people will have more options when purchasing.

It is recommended to put these toys in the center of your luggage and not near or on the edge. It might get banged up or exposed to heat and s*x toys love to be kept on the cool and dark places. Also, you won’t want to bring too many toys because if something seems suspicious on the x-ray machines, yo’re gonna get stopped. Some people who have travelled often with s*x toys put the label “dirty” on those so TSA agents will immediately realize that, oh yes, it is a private thing. And usually, they don’t want to handle that.

You can travel with toys that are more discreet. And there’s plenty of that in Adam & Eve. Pick a toy of your choice and travel often with it.

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