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Start your favorite sexual bondage restraint games in just seconds! Just slide the sturdy nylon straps under any size mattress and go!

You get four 60" versatile restraining straps that can be configured in dozens of ways for exciting positions! Your passive partner can experience the enjoyable thrill of spread-eagle legs, restrained arms---- and much more! 4 plush, adjustable Velcro release cuffs for a comfortable, yet secure hold. No hardware, knots or tools required.

Put your submissive right where you want them---- and keep them there. Tail up and out, arms and legs together---- your only limits are your own wicked imagination. Add oral stimulation or your favorite sex toys for even more thrills.

Is she reading one of those "Shades" books? Do you ever get the feeling he'd like to be held down by some cuffs---- in the right moment? Be ready for those sexual opportunities and have your own Scarlet Under the Bed Bondage System ready on stand-by in your closet, nightstand or under your bed for fetish bondage moments with your partner. Then you will have your bedroom as your favorite spot at home for sure.

Every item you purchase is protected by Adam & Eve's Triple Guarantee. You must be happy with your order! Don’t forget the Coupon Code FIRST50.
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